Candles and Cakes and Pumpkins, Oh My!

To kick off my first blog post on the newly revamped Hilltop Photo Co., I'd love to start by sharing some of my favorite fall things! (Yes, I'm being basic. No, I don't care). Enjoy!


Didn't think you needed an Apple Pumpkin Butter candle in your life? Well, you do. This mason jar candle not only smells amazing, but looks as classy as ... a classy candle (as you can see, I'm an expert blogger). You can find this scent at my favorite candle company Milk Reclamation Barn based in North Baltimore County, Maryland. They not only have the best candles and new scents every season (like Chocolate Please! and Peppermint Twist), but they're the perfect gift for anyone in your life. Ok, especially the dog-lover in your life. Check out their candle / dog treat combo Otterbein's Cookies Gift Box set - you won't regret it. Use code Fall5 for $5 off $25, Fall10 for $10 off $50, and Fall20 for $20 off $100. Every order over $75 will receive a free fire starter.


For the third year in a row, I'm making a Chai Pumpkin Cake with Maple Browned Butter Frosting from Half Baked Harvest. Tieghan Gerard is not only the best cook, baker and stylist in all the land, but one talented photographer. Since this is a photography website, I thought it necessary to point out. All of her recipes are accompanied by original, breathtaking photos that look as good as the food itself. But back to the Chai Pumpkin Cake - it's full of fall flavor and not overly sweet. How I like to describe myself, honestly. Highly recommended! (Also, this recipe translates perfectly into cupcakes - it feels like you're eating less, you know?)


If you're anywhere in the Chicago area, be sure to make the trip out to Bengston's Pumpkin Farm and Fall Fest. (And if you're not in Chicago, come visit! It's fun. Besides, like, the brutally cold winter and violence). Bengston's has family friendly attractions that would make any Disneyland lover proud (*wink, nudge* if your little ones love Cars, I highly recommend the tractor ride) and amazing local food vendors like Uncle Bub's and Rustic Knead. Although the pig race transcript needs some updating (Hannah Montana references are a delightful throwback, though), the entire experience makes for a perfect day at the pumpkin patch. Hot tip: Tickets Mon-Thurs are $19 (less crowds, less money, more BBQ for you).

Ok, that's my first blog post. How'd I do? Too snarky? Trying to hard? Probably. I'll be back for another edition next week. Isn't that what Carrie Bradshaw did? I was too young to watch HBO when Sex and the City aired so I'm not totally sure. Ok byyyye. Happy Fall!